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"In Amazonia" is out today, 10th May and you can order it here. It also now has its own page here.

This is an album I've recorded with the Swedish band Isildurs Bane, with whom I performed at IB expo in 2017. It's called "In Amazonia" and is, I think, pretty interesting stuff! We also performed it live last week at the Gouveia Art Rock festival - a great event and a great performance....

Thick and fast on the releases front.... In addition to "Not Yet Not Now" there'll be a 50th anniversary edition of "The Aerosol Grey Machine" out on Esoteric on 26th April. This features both vinyl and CD versions, rare tracks and even rarer photos and other artwork and altogether looks a very interesting package. We're not stocking it at Sofa Sound but once again they're doing so at Burning Shed and you can find it here:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, news of the release of a project on which I've been working for most of the last few months.

As you'll doubtless know, between November 2017 and May 2018 I undertook the most significant bout of solo touring in Europe for some time, taking in shows in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, UK and Germany. With such a flood of performances I took the opportunity/accepted the personal challenge to widen the repertoire even more than has recently been the case (which was already considerable). In the end I played a hundred songs, more or less, in this run of shows, covering the whole spread of my career.

I've now gathered these together to form an eight CD Box Set, "Not yet, not now" and this is now out.

Five of the CDs have a geographical focus, featuring songs taken from Berlin, Nurnberg/Dortmund (2 sets), Italy and UK. The final three CDs are a mix of songs from different countries. Each CD is about an hour long and is structured to mirror the rhythm and tempo of live performance. I'm not going to be falsely modest: some of these performances are outstanding. Not *definitive*, of course, as happily most of these songs continue to come at me afresh each time I encounter them on stage and so there's no such thing as an absolutely correct or perfect version. Rather, I mean to say, that many of these takes on the songs have kinks and curves to them which surprise this singer himself.

I don't intend to retire just yet - not yet, not now - but who knows how long I'll be carrying on for. Indeed, there's evidently a great deal of uncertainty surrrounding the possibility of touring Europe at all after the dread ioncoming Brexit. I'm pretty sure, though, that this will be the last time that I'll assemble such a comprehensive package of live versions of the PH material, so it marks some kind of definitive full stop.

This limited edition release, which also includes a 24 page booklet, is now available for order here.

A reminder that the K group box set now out. This 4 CD collection includes all the music recorded by the band, including a couple of tracks never before released. The 48-page hardback book has previously unseen photographs, sleeve notes by Tim Bowness and contributions from the rest of us. We're not going to be selling this at Sofa but commend you to the fine folk over at Burning Shed for pre-orders here. It's going to be out on 8th Feb 2019.

Speaking of Tim, I made some contribution - B Vox, a bit of piano and even some wonky electric guitar -to his newest set of recordings and they're now also about to be released. The album, "Flowers at the Scene", has something of a stellar list of contributors and is out on 1st March. Again, we're not stocking this here but you can pre-order over at Burning Shed here.

Another new release: for much of the last year HB has been working on the latest (final?) iteration of his self-designed organs. This one, HB3, is completely software based and he's now recorded pieces by J S Bach as a means of demonstrating its capabilities. (Well, naturally his capabilities too!) It's now available for purchase in downloadable form at Bandcamp, here.

There are a couple of other sets of recordings to which I've made contributions in the last months which will hopefully see the light of day in the near future...and a major release will be incoming shortly on Fie!. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to the next shows, in Poland and Greece in March. Details are at touring and tickets are now on sale, with the links on the touring page.

Just one more brief note about orders. As everyone knows postal costs have spiralled over the last few years, particularly Uk to Europe and Rest of World. Accordingly, we've now (finally) raised our shipping prices. They're still less than the actual shipping costs but we take the view that a mail-order purchase is, in the end, an all-in transaction. You'll see the shipping costs added in, of course, at the final stage of the ordering process.

In something of a counter-balancing act, we've now reduced the prices of *all* Fie! CDs on our list. They're now pegged at £10.50 and the "All that might have been" box set has come down in price to £17.00.

My previous notes about inactivity here and activity elsewhere:

I've been far from diligent of late in updating news here at Sofa Sound, even if hard news is a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

Partly this is the result of my continuing commitment to maintaining an online journal - at if you haven't yet come across it. (Though in fact I've been silent over on that platform for the last few months as well....) I began doing this in part because I realised that items I put up here on the latest news page have traditionally been erased  and overwritten as new stuff comes in - and of course it's now some time since the newsletters ceased being my favoured form of updating news. But in turn that's meant that I've been slow to put things up here. Must try harder....but of course the dissemination of info these days is spread over a number of different channels in any case.

(And should you be interested I also have a twitter identity, @Sofa_sound. My contributions there, though, are pretty random and sporadic....)

Many moons have passed...but you may also be interested, now, to go and check out where, finally, some lyric-labyrinthine adventures await, thanks to the indefatigable labours of Adrian. More on this anon, but it's only right to let you know that something's been/is afoot there....

Regarding the site...
The intention here is to have a fundamentally "white paper" place from which information rather than entertainment (or information as entertainment) can be gleaned. To this end the site should be under fairly constant revision. Once again, my apologies for being negligent in this regard over the last few months.