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Apologies for the fact that the site was down for a few days over the Easter weekend...nothing terminal, just internet routing stuff and as you see it's now back in what approximates to rude health.

I'm very happy to announce a first solo show of the year: a first for me, this one's in Romania. Details at touring, of course.

Gary Lucas and I will be playing on Sunday in Gouveia and are very much looking forward to a bit more "Otherworld" stuff.

Meanwhile I'm still hunkered down in the studio working on the next solo release, which will follow later in 2014.

My previous notes about inactivity here and activity elsewhere:

I've been far from diligent of late in updating news here at Sofa Sound, even if hard news is a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

Partly this is the result of my continuing commitment to maintaining an online journal - at if you haven't yet come across it. I began doing that in part because I realised that items I put up here on the latest news page have traditionally been erased  and overwritten as new stuff comes in - and of course it's now some time since the newsletters ceased being my favoured form of updating news. But in turn that's meant that I've been slow to put things up here. Must try harder....but of course the dissemination of info these days is spread over a number of different channels in any case.

(And should you be interested I also have a twitter identity, @Sofa_sound. My contributions there, though, are pretty random and sporadic....)

As I wrote some time ago we're no longer stocking the Virgin catalogue, either solo or VdGG. TheCDs are, of course,  still available elsewhere and if you're interested we recommend that you go to Burning Shed to purchase them. (We've also begun to put in direct links to their Hammill/VdGG pages from the individual CD pages, though they're not all there yet.)

Many moons have passed...but you may also be interested, now, to go and check out where, finally, some lyric-labyrinthine adventures await, thanks to the indefatigable labours of Adrian. More on this anon, but it's only right to let you know that something's been/is afoot there....

Regarding the site...
The intention here is to have a fundamentally "white paper" place from which information rather than entertainment (or information as entertainment) can be gleaned. To this end the site should be under fairly constant revision. Once again, my apologies for being negligent in this regard over the last few months.