Sofa Sound





There's one going to be one more show in this little run I've been doing.

It's my 50th year of performing and the 50th year of the Burg Herzberg festival (which VdGG played awhile ago). So I'm doing a special show in conjunction with this. It's not part of the main event but the day before the whole thing starts, in a church in Breitenbach, close to the festival gournds.

I believe that it'll be open to the general (non-festival going) public, but those attending the festival can get tickets at a suibstantial discount and have transport to and from the show.

Well, a ticket link is down below and you can check out exactly what's what there!

25th Kirche Breitenbach, 36287 Breitenbach am Herzberg

in association with Burg Herzberg festival. Tickets here.