Sofa Sound





Ah, there'll be some touring later in the year...

Japan in October:

25th Haretara Sorani Mamemaite, Daikanyama, Tokyo
26th Jamusica, Sapporo - nb change of venue!
27th Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo
28th Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo
29th Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo

and then Italia in November:

9th Roma Auditorium Parco della Musica tickets here
10th Napoli, Basilica di ASan Giovanni Maggiore tickets here
11th Terni, Teatro Secci tickets here
13th Chiari (BS), Auditorium Toscanini tickets here
14th Milano, La Salumeria della Musica tickets here
15th Tolmezzo (UD), Teatro Candoni tickets here (after August 1st)
17th Livorno, La Goldonetta tickets here

and, finally, I'll be appearing at IB Expo 17

November 25th Halmstad, Sweden, Kulturhaset tickets here

This will be a short solo set rather than a full-on show. There *may* also be some unusual wrinkles, but more on that later.